HAWAII, 2007


In 2007 What Girls Know presented
Unwrapped on the island of Kauai.

In January and February of 2007 What Girl Know was inaugurated on the Hawaiian island of Kauai thanks to a collaboration of the YWCA and the Island School.   The Y's Sexual Abuse Treatment Center received a grant from the Department of Health/Center for Disease Control to bring Brenda Currin to Kauai to direct two simultaneous workshops: A What Girls Know Intensive to group of girls, ages 15-19 years old, and a Training the Trainers intensive in the methodology of Creating Theater With Young People, originated by the Creative Arts Team at NYU. The facilitators-in-training worked along side Currin and the girls. Together they created Unwrapped, a play full of surprises, shocks of recognition, song, dance, comedy and heartbreak. Unwrapped was presented at the beautiful Kauai Community College Performing Arts Center. The courage, honesty, outrageous humor and genius of the girls combined with the What Girls Know way of working made this a transformative experience for all involved, including the audience. What Girls Know will be an ongoing program in Kauai. By popular demand, the girls will perform Unwrapped again on April 20th.  For more info, call Renae Hamilton at the YWCA at 808-245-5959