NEW ORLEANS, Workshop making masks, December 2006


In December, 2006, thanks to a grant from
the Starbucks Foundation

What Girls Know
a maskmaking workshop at

the Contemporary Arts Center

Commedia Workshop, January 2007

As a follow-up, in January, 2007, Didier Girauldon returned to New Orleans from France to continue teaching commedia techniques that he had begun last summer at the Retreat. Didier teaches an elaborate Game with many rules, demanding great concentration and focus. The rigors of playing the Game is a sort of ôre-programming."

Playing the Game teaches theater skills in a fresh and immediate way, learning to be true onstage, to be alive and in the moment.

Mask-making Workshop, December 2006

The girls created original masks as an extension of their own identities in the world. The workshop ended with a showing for an audience gathered at the Maple Street Starbucks Store. Each girl introduced herself and demonstrated transformation with her mask to characterization and movement.

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